Monday, July 25, 2011

Today, i started to help out with the young children at Vacation Bible School. There was a lot of kids separated into groups. I was assigned as a helper. There was one kid that had his attention on me most of the time. He had no problem talking to me about anything. The thing im still thinking about now is what happened at the end. We were all gathered in the sanctuary closing with a prayer. I see all the kids bow their heads and close their eyes. Then i look over to this child and he is looking through the Bible, but not praying with us. I felt like he didnt know how to pray. Now that i saw this, my goal is to talk to him more about God. To help him more understand.
Just recently, our youth group went on a mission trip to Trenton, NJ. While we were there we repaired houses. We were separated into crews with random people that you didnt know. My crew was assigned to this ladys house by the name of Ms. Thomas.We got really close with her over the week. She called us her six little babies. I just got a call from her tonight and i missed it. She left me a message saying that she was praying for me and that she loves me dearly. I am so pleased that i got to meet such a loving woman. There are so many things i love about her like the times she prayed with us from her telling us about her God sightings throughout her life.
I will definately be going on another mission trip. I truly recommend  doing one. It is so life changing!
John 15:5
Yes, i am the vine and you are the branches
Those who remain in me, and i in them
Will produce much fruit
For apart from me you can do nothing!

This was our theme verse for the week!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is my first blog. I want to use this to spread the Word. I am a senior in high school waiting to fulfill my life with God. I want to have my own Christian clothing company and be a youth pastor. I see all these awesome designs around me and i think to myself.....I COULD BE DOING THE SAME THING! God has given me the talent to be an artist and im using that talent in a good way. I want to reach out to others. People are not realizing what they are doing with their lives. Kids are getting into drugs and alcohol and losing sight of what is the real reason why they are here on this earth. Parents just arent caring anymore. I'm so glad I have a mother that loves me so much that she showed me who Jesus was. I see all the horrible things that are happening out in the world. God, please forgive everyone. They dont know what they are doing. Show them the right path to your glory! Some parents that believe there is a God say, "oh i just dont want to push the whole religion thing on them." Well listen to this...the world is pushing there wrong beings onto your children. Are you really going to let that happen to your own children? I dont think so.This is a competition between you and the world. Show your kids who Jesus is! Show them how amazing OUR GOD is! Show them what faith can really do!

With all love,
Cole Hobbs