Friday, August 12, 2011


We have dreams of becoming this perfect person. My dream is to become a youth leader so that I can encourage teens to grow up with God by their side. So many teens today are getting into sex, drugs, and alcohol. We need to prevent that by showing them Jesus. He is the cure to all our problems. Another dream of mine is to have my own Christian clothing company. I admire Kerruso if you are familiar with that brand. I love designing. But I want to do it in a way of giving a positive message to all the people. Recently I have been having people ask me to design them shirts or logos. This is encouraging me to take this to the next level. Instead of making shirts under the table...I want to be known.
I have been deciding about what college I want to go to. I have so many choices. The three colleges I have in mind right now is Lancaster Bible College, Messiah College, and York Art Institute. I like Messiah because they have a art program. I really would like to go to LBC. For some reason, God is calling me there. Our pastor tonight told me that I should go to LBC but also take night classes at York Art Institute. I need to get a degree in youth ministry and graphic design. This is so hard to think about. Keep praying for me so that everything will work out. Thank you!

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