Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Never Fails

Today, I got back from disney world with Sarah. Usually when people go on vacation they forget to still put God in your life. Vacation doesnt mean you are away from your faith, just your hometown. Everywhere you go, put God in everything you do. There are many people out there who are Christian. Most of them dont show it. One day, I was wearing a shirt that said "I am a Bible Smuggler" on it. We were taking the bus and there was a family sitting across from us. A kid and his dad would every once in a while look at my shirt and I could tell they were interested. So on the second bus we took, the father came over to me and said they noticed my shirt. He gave me a $20 dollar bill that had a Christian message on it. It was awesome to interact with other believers that you have never seen before in your life. Your not the only one out there. Act on your faith and you will be noticed.
We stayed at Ft. Wilderness. Every day we had housekeeping service. One morning, I decided to leave out a Bible scripture and message on my bed for the house keeper to read. On the piece of paper, she replied, "thank you, God bless." I may have made that persons day or even her life. We are sent out to be missionaries. All of these jobs out there, carpenter, teacher, nurse, etc. are all disguises. Behind all that, is a missionary. Our real job is to do Gods work.
The day that we went to hollywood studios, was pretty inspiring. After we got off a ride, I heard Lecrae music playing from radio disney people and a plane in the sky writing letters. When the plane was done it said, "U + God = :), trust in Jesus" When this happened, i took it as a sign from God that I was doing my job right. He was proud of me. I was leaving notes and scriptures for the house keeper and being nice to every one.
you cant just put God in your life during church, youth group, bible studies, etc. and then forget about Him when you are done. He is always going to be there with you. You will never be able to run Him out of your life for one second. Spread His love. Do everything in Gods will!
Thank you
God bless


  1. you are an inspiration young man

  2. Cole, I hope my daughters faith is half as strong at your age. Your momma and dad did something right.