Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today was my bestfriends birthday. I went over to his house to hang out with him for the day. We were sitting in the sunroom and his dad decided to go get the mail. When he came back, there was a letter to Eric from dad. His dad swore he didnt write it. When he opened it, it was a letter from God. He was so shocked and kept freaking out on his parents saying that they wrote it.
We went into his room and he told me that he was so sketched out because last night, he was praying for God to show him a sign. I thought this was so amazing. Hopefully this will make such an impact on him. I am concerned with Eric. He is heading down the wrong path in life. He is judging others, moving from girl to girl like they are a toy, and hanging around the wrong people. My mission is to try to bring him our way and not the worlds. I am having him come to church tomorrow. I have hope that he will come around. But he cant do this alone. He needs to have God by his side. I gave him a little notebook today as a gift. I told him that he can use it to write to God. It seemed like he liked it.
He is my bestfriend and I would hate to see him ruin his life.
Father, be with Eric as he tries to overcome this situation he is in.

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