Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For Apart from Him we can do nothing!

I know I havent been posting like i should have but I just had this urge to come on here and pour out. Just recently, Sarah(girlfriend), Ann, and I have started bible studies/devotions. I came up with this idea to get each one of us closer to God. Yesterday night, I found out that Sarah doesnt know much about the bible. It suprised me because she hasnt really spoken of it. So now, Ann and I are on a mission to get her where she needs to be. Ann and I were talking quite a bit about her sister. Sarah hasnt known anything about her all her life. I felt like it was the right time to tell Sarah. I dont want to post what this is about because it is a personal issue. But tonight Ann talked to Sarah about it. We knew she was going to get upset about it. Ann has to take it as it comes. Her sister is such a great peron. She went to college to be a minister, but it didnt turn out good. No matter what decisions we make in life, we are all Gods children and we need to be loved the same amount.
I was told something tuly amazing the other night by Ann. My dream is to become a youth leader. Ann told me that God gave me a gift to be able to teach and save lives. I guess I was doing a pretty awesome job leading devotions. :) But that really touched my heart and gave me that encouragement that I can really fulfill my dream.
Our God is an awesome God and He works in such amazing ways!!
I want to give special thanks to Him for healing my mom! My mom recently found out that she has a tumor in her uterus. She went in for a biopsy the other day and got the results tonight. She got wonderful news that it is not cancerous and that she will be alright. All this time, I was telling myself and everybody else that she was going to be alright and some people didnt believe me because i am not a doctor. For God is the doctor and he gave me that feeling that she was fine and there was nothing to worry about.
My mom has an amazing voice, to begin with. She had a chance for a full scholarship in music but she had to turn it down for personal issues. About a week ago, she came to me and wondered if she should join the worship team at the church. Right away I contacted my friend that is on the team. He said that he would talk to the leader for an audition. This is freaking her out. Then this tumor pops up and takes her mind off of it.
Satan throws obstacles on our lives to stop us from praising our God. Once God sees this, he tries His best to eliminate the issue. God gave a gift to my mom that any human being would LOVE to have! She need to use it and not let it go to waste. I love music through worship. I always will and to hear my mom lift her voice up to Him will be so heartwarming. I love you mom and I always will!!!!

Cole Hobbs

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  1. You are an amzing young man! I am PROUD to be your Mama!!!!!!